Brushing Teeth Camping Skit

Brushing Teeth Camping Skit

Brushing Teeth   Brushing Teeth Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit has gross parts.

Required:4 to 8 campers
toothbrushes for each
2 cups
Preparation:Camper #1 has water in his cup. Last camper has a mouth full of water.
Notes:This is like the Earwashing Skit
Script:Campers stand shoulder to shoulder facing audience, each with a toothbrush ready. Camper #1 on the left, Last camper on the right. #1 and Last each have a paper cup.

Camper #1: On our last outing, our leader taught us how to keep our teeth clean AND conserve water. We're going to teach you so we can all help conserve water.

Camper #1 takes a drink of water from his cup and brushes his teeth. He swishes the water around, then leans over to the next camper and pretends to spit it into his ear. He then says, 'Aaaaah, refreshing!' or some such thing.

Next camper brushes, swishes, and spits. Continue on down the line to the last camper.

The last camper (with a mouthful of water) brushes, swishes, and then spits a stream of water into his cup or out on the ground if outside.

Brushing Teeth Camping Skit