Washing Ears Camping Skit

Washing Ears Camping Skit

Washing Ears   Washing Ears Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit has gross parts.

Required:4 to 8 campers
2 cups
Preparation:Camper #1 has water in his cup. Last camper has a hidden mouth full of water.
Notes:This is just like the Toothbrushing Skit but easier.
Script:Campers stand shoulder to shoulder facing audience. Camper #1 on the left, Last Camper on the right. #1 and Last each have a paper cup.

Camper #1: On our last outing, our leader taught us how to wash our ears AND conserve water. We're going to teach you so we can all help conserve water.

Camper #1 takes a drink of water from his cup and pretends to hold it in his mouth. He shakes his head around, pretending to splash the water inside both his ears. He then leans over to the next camper and pretends to spit it into his ear.

Next camper shakes and spits. Continue on down the line to the last camper.

The last camper (with a mouthful of water) shakes, and then spits a stream of water into his cup or out on the ground if outside.

Washing Ears Camping Skit