Climbing Lightbeam Camping Skit

Climbing Lightbeam Camping Skit

Climbing Lightbeam   Climbing Lightbeam Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Script:Camper #1: I can climb anything!
Camper #2: Can you climb that tree over there?
Camper #1: Simple. No challenge. I'm the best.

Camper #2: How about that cliff face?
Camper #1: Already did it, up and down.

Camper #2: How about the Eiffel Tower?
Camper #1: Been there, done that, had french fries at the top. There's nothing I can't climb.

Camper #2: Mount Everest?
Camper #1: Yep, that took a whole day since there was a raging blizzard. I told you I can climb anything.

Camper #2: I bet you 10 dollars I can show you something you can't climb.
Camper #1: Yeah, right. It's a bet.

Camper #2: (takes out a flashlight and shines it straight up into the air over the audience.)
Camper #1: Are you crazy? There's no way I'm climbing that!

Camper #2: Ha! I knew it. You can't climb it. Now, pay up!
Camper #1: I CAN climb it. But, I'm not stupid. You'd turn off the light when I'm halfway up!

Climbing Lightbeam Camping Skit