Ditch Wreck Camping Skit

Ditch Wreck Camping Skit

Ditch Wreck   Ditch Wreck Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:6 campers
Script:Four campers are arranged as if in a car and drive onto the stage. They imitate a car wreck and they all wind up laying on the ground - 3 of them close together and the 4th a way apart.

Two campers drive onto the scene as policemen with their siren going.

Police #1: Looks like another bad crash here on MacIntosh Boulevard. Well, we'd better record the details on the report. Let's go.

They walk over to the group of 3 people.
Police #1: This one wound up in the ditch.
Police #2: Got it. (writing on his pad) D-I-T-C-H. ditch.

Police #1: Here's another one in the ditch.
Police #2: Yep. D-I-T-C-H. ditch.

Police #1: Number 3 is in the ditch, too.
Police #2: Uh-huh. D-I-T-C-H. ditch.

Police #1: Hmmm, this poor guy is right out here in the boulevard. I'm gonna go check the tire marks while you finish writing this up. (He walks away)
Police #2: OK. Boulevard. B-O-L, nope. Hmmm, B-O-A, nope. Hmmm.
(He looks around, then rolls the person over closer to the others.)
Police #2: D-I-T-C-H. ditch.

Ditch Wreck Camping Skit