Long Winter Camping Skit

Long Winter Camping Skit

Long Winter   Long Winter Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Preparation:3 campers
Script:(two adventurers leave the comforts of home to settle the wilds of Alaska)

(Indian sits to one side of the stage. Bill and Ted come hiking in from offstage the other side, tired out)
Bill: Man, Ted, I'm beat! We've been walking for weeks and weeks.
Ted: Me, too. Alaska is huge, but it will be great to spend a year out here in the wilderness. I'm glad we left our soft lives behind.
Bill: Well, this is the valley they told us about back in Juneau. It's beautiful! Should we build a cabin and live here?
Ted: Sounds good. Let's do it.
(lots of chopping, sawing, pounding, building a cabin in 10 seconds)

Bill: Awesome! That should keep us warm all winter.
Ted: Well, it will protect us, but we still need firewood to keep us warm. Let's get cutting.
(lots of chopping, sawing, and stacking for 5 or 10 seconds)

Bill: That looks like about 20 cords right there. You think it's enough?
Ted: I don't know, but I heard back in Juneau that there's an old Indian living on that tall mountain over there that can tell how bad the winter will be. We could ask him.
Bill: Good idea.
(hike, hike, hike up the mountain to the Indian)

Ted: (to Indian) Howdy, I heard you can tell us how bad the coming winter will be. Can you help us?
Indian: Wait here. (he stands, walks towards audience, puts hand to forehead to shade eyes from sun, and peers out over the audience for a couple seconds. Then returns to Bill and Ted.)
Indian: Winter will be very cold and very long.
Bill: Thanks for you help, wise one.
(Bill and Ted hike back down, down, down to their valley.)

Ted: Man, I don't think we have enough wood if it's going to be that cold. We should cut more.
Bill: Good idea.
(more chopping, sawing, and stacking)

Ted: Whew, 40 cords! That should do it. Should we go make sure?
Bill: Yep.
(hike back up mountain)

Ted: (to Indian) Howdy again. How bad will the winter be?
(Indian again peers out over audience)
Indian: Winter will be very, very cold. Very cold!
Ted: Thanks.
(hike back down)

Bill: I don't want to freeze out here in Alaska! Let's get more wood.
Ted: OK
(more chopping...)
Bill: There, 60 cords of wood! That should be enough for 5 years!
Ted: Yeah, but, just to be safe, let's go check.
(back up the mountain)

Bill: Howdy, wise friend. Please say once more what the winter will bring.
(Indian peers)
Indian: Winter will be bad, worst I've ever seen!
Bill: Please, friend, how do you know these things? Do you notice the animals or the plants? How can we read the signs?
Indian: It is easy. I look down in the valley. I see two white men cutting and piling many cords of wood so it must be a cold, cold winter.

Long Winter Camping Skit