Lost Bubblegum Camping Skit

Lost Bubblegum Camping Skit

Lost Bubblegum   Lost Bubblegum Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit has gross parts.

Required:a bunch of campers - at least 2
Script:One camper walks across the stage, stumbles, and falls at center stage. He needs to make his forehead hit the ground, but not hard, and then stay there.

The person struggles to get up, but he can not move his forehead from the spot where it is stuck. He should work his way up to having his butt sticking up and only his feet and forehead on the ground, squirm around, spin around, maybe do a headstand, whatever. He should make this as comical and energetic as he can.

He should call for help, very loudly, saying his forehead is stuck.

If you have extra campers, they should walk past, look at him or ignore him or steer clear of him, but not help.

Finally, the last camper comes running to the stuck camper, grabs him around the chest/shoulders and mightily heaves him to his feet.

Stuck Camper: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I'd be stuck there forever. Thank you for rescuing me. You're my hero! ...

Rescuing Camper: Stop! What's that on your forehead?
(he reaches out and plucks an invisible something off the stuck camper's forehead, looks at it, then pops it in his mouth and starts chewing)

Rescuing Camper: Hey, I knew I lost my bubblegum around here somewhere. Thanks for finding it for me!

Lost Bubblegum Camping Skit