New Fathers Camping Skit

New Fathers Camping Skit

New Fathers   New Fathers Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:at least 5 campers
Script:(Four fathers are pacing nervously around the waiting room, waiting for news from the doctor about their new babies)

Doctor enters the room.
Doctor: Mr. Smith?

(Mr. Smith steps forward in nervous anticipation.)
Mr. Smith: Yes, yes!
Doctor: Mr. Smith, you are the proud father of healthy twins.
Mr. Smith: Wow, what a coincidence. I'm a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins!
(Mr. Smith and doctor exit while others continue to pace)

Doctor: Mr. Jones?
Mr. Jones: Yes, that's me. What news?
Doctor: Mr. Jones, you are the proud father of healthy triplets.
Mr. Jones: Wow, another coincidence. I work at 3M.
(Mr. Jones and doctor exit while pacing continues)

Doctor: Mr. Doe?
Mr. Doe: Yes, sir. Tell me, quick!
Doctor: Mr. Doe, you are the proud father of healthy quadruplets.
Mr. Doe: Well, that's amazing. I'm the news anchor for Channel Four!

(As doctor and Mr. Doe start to exit, the last father starts yelling.)
Last Father: Oh No! I can't take it! There's no way!
(doctor comes back to him and grabs him by the shoulders.)
Doctor: Man, get ahold of yourself. What's the problem?
Last Father: It's awful. I'm a store manager for Seven-Eleven!

With more campers, you could come up with additional fathers for Five, Six, Seven, ... and have the last father be a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

New Fathers Camping Skit