Skit Ideas

Skit Ideas

Campfire Skits

Bravest Camper in the World Emergency Alert System
Firing Squad Guess My Line on the Toilet
Ice Fishing Invisible Bench - plus Add-Ons
Blind HorseBranch Manager
Brown PantsBrushing Teeth
BubblegumCan't Work in the Dark
Cancer OperationChicken Farmer
Clean SilverwareClock Inspection
Clothes from Eddie BauerContagious Pregnancy
CPR SwitchCrazy Astronomers
Elevator to BathroomsFishing Secret
Follow the TracksFool's Gold
GandhiGreat Raisins
Hare RestorerHey, Sven!
Hot MealHunting Thanksgiving Dinner
I Gotta Go WeeI Saw a Bear
Illegal ChickenfarmerInfantry Is Coming
Is It Time Yet?Jailhouse Jokes
Lemonade for SaleLet Me Have It
Lighthouse StairsLost Green Ball
Lost QuarterLucky Boxer
Musical Toilet SeatsMy Royal Papers
My WormNot Enough Parachutes
Nuts, the ElephantOut of Film
Panda Bear in RestaurantPass the Pepper
Penguin SoupPenny Candy
Plane Engine TroublePoor Conductor
Puppy In a BoxRaisin Fly
Remember the TitanicReporter Gets a Story
Royal RaisinsRun-aways
Shady RealtorShut Up and Trouble
Snake BiteStealing Boxes
The PsychicThrowing Little Stones
Ticket LineTie In the Desert
Turkey HuntUgliest Man in the World
Ugly BabyViper
Washing EarsWe Have No Skit
What Kind of Tracks?Why Are You Late?
Worst CriminalYaputcha

You're bound to get some great skit ideas from the dozens I have listed here. Every time I browse through these, I get a good laugh remembering the last time some campers did each one. Some of them are real groaners like the Chainsaw skit idea but others like the Ice Fishing skit always get a good laugh. Quite a few of these skit ideas are on the gross side since they're popular with youth, but that's also what makes them funny. Two of my personal favorites that have been around forever are the Water Vending Machine and Mechanical Cowboy skits.

Skit Ideas

If you have announcement time at meals or in the evening, try to break up the monotony with a quick skit idea between announcements. It will keep the camp interested and wondering what will come next. There are some skit ideas that have many small parts, such as the Taking My Case to Court skit which can be used over and over during a single program. Get the campers involved and having a fun time in front of the audience to improve your gathering times. Most of these skit ideas will work indoors or outside, but consider that some skits really need to be seen well for the punch line to work so you might only want to do those during the day or inside.